Caring Tips


  • ZIBAG Products are made from top quality Leather and has a wonderful new leather Aroma. The smell will fade away in just about 2-3 weeks of Regular use or you can just open the package and put in a well-Ventilated place for some time.
  • Due to the Nature of Pure Leather, it can never be entirely waterproof. So, avoid your favourite ZIBAG in bad weathers as Direct contact with WATER is impermissible. We have provided Water-Resistant Bag Cover so, use it in adverse weather conditions.


  • Remove Dirt Build-up on Zibag by using a cleanser made specifically for Leather.
  • Occasionally, give your ZIBAG a brisk sweep with a soft dry cloth – A step towards preserving the appearance of your Leather Bag for the years to come.
  • Moisturize your ZIBAG by special Leather conditioners to keep it supple.
  • Condition every month or so to keep your ZIBAG looking its Shiny Best


  • Stuff your Unused ZIBAG with Bubble Wrap to restore and hold its shape
  • Use Silica Gel so your ZIBAG doesn’t get Damp
  • Air once in every 2-3 Weeks to halt the growth of Mold