ZiBAG Goat Leather 15″ Messenger Bag with Multiple Pockets


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Satchel Messnger Bag in Goatskin Leather for Men handcrafted by experienced Indian Artisans from Naturally Processed Leather, which Is Chemical free, Non-Allergic & Eco Friendly.

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Product Description

Color: Natural Brown; Vegetable Oil based Tanning/ Sun Tanning process for obtaining different shades. The smart and stylish bag is perfect to use just about anywhere while Excursions/ Gymming/ Outdoor Sports/Day Out/ Travelling Etc.

5 Compartments (2 Internal/ 1 Laptop with Padding & Velcro Closer/ 2 Zippers on the Internal Walls of the Bag). 2 Front and 2 Side pockets with Adjustable Buckle Closer. Adjustable and removable shoulder Strap with Shoulder Pad. Sturdy Internal Fibre Top to retain the Flat shape with carry handle. Multiple carry options- Cross Body/ Carry on Shoulder/Carry by Top Handle. This Laptop Messenger bag is most suited for Office/ College/ School/ Bikers etc. Resilient Canvas Fabric Lining. Rust Free Metal Buckles & Fixtures—will last for years.

Especially Designed Water Proof Cover included for prevention from Rain/Water/Dust. Laptop Messenger ZiBAG is handcrafted in Genuine Goat Leather. The distinguished Feature of this GOAT Leather ZiBAG are its Multiple Pockets. This Feature is very useful to easy access important Files/ Documents etc.This ZiBAG is specially made by experienced Indian Artisans. The Goatskin used to make this ZiBAG is 100% Naturally Processed which makes it CHEMICAL FREE / NON ALLERGIC & ECO FRIENDLY. For giving the Vintage and Exclusive look to the ZiBAG we use 100% Plant Based Tanning.

This Vintage Designer Cross Body ZiBAG is suitable for all types of Personalities. An ideal, which can be carried to Office, School, College– Just about Anywhere and Everywhere. This Spacious ZiBAG is a Perfect Gift to create Long Lasting Memories.

Product Size

Weight 1.61 kg
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 15 in
  • Each ZiBAG is an outcome of very careful & Responsible Leather Sourcing, thus our ZiBAGs would have minimal Joint Leather Patches, which makes the ZiBAG durable and aesthetically more pleasing. Leather Patches are used by most other sellers only for cost cutting purpose
  • The Satisfaction of our customers is our utmost priority. Therefore, we request you to review our product & services to help us improve in future. Ziart International has a unique advantage of being a manufacturer seller from Jodhpur (India), while most other sellers are offering only outsourced traded products from India
  • ZiBAG has a mission to promote & disseminate all forms of Art and Craft. ZiBAG supports and promotes the Government of India policy ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ by empowering the highly skilled micro level artisans of India.
  • “Handicrafts commonly refer to handmade crafts or artisanry. India is known for its ethnicity. As far as art and culture is concerned, India features amongst the culturally rich countries in the world. The country is fortunate enough to possess some highly skilled artisans. They have increased the fame of Indian handicrafts around the globe. Many rural people still earn their livelihood from their creative pieces of art. At ZIART INTERNATIONAL we believe in the fair-trade policy, and take great pride in introducing Ourselves as the Manufacturers- Seller from the city of JODHPUR- Rajasthan (INDIA). We use our skill, know-how and natural techniques to create state of the art Products and accessories for brand “ZiBAG”.